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Why is the number 13 considered unlucky?

Why is the Starpangled Banner so hard to sing?

Where does the peace sign come from?


Ever wondered why we say it, where it comes from, when it started?


No need to wonder. In the immensely popular Now You Know series of books, based on his long-running radio show of the same name, Doug Lennox explores the often amazing origins of everyday words phrases and customs. Look for volumes 1 to 4 and the new "Big Book of Answers" in bookstores everywhere.


And, by the way, the number 13 is considered unlucky because... (click here to find out)




Once again Doug Lennox, the toastmaster of trivia, serves up a mammoth selection of goodies. The Big Book of Answers: 2 includes 150 brand-new questions as well as some of Doug's most cherished from his previous books.