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Doug Lennox on the Radio

Doug Lennox has been a fixture in Canadian broadcasting since 1968 when he took over the overnight slot at CHFI. Over 40 years he has written, produced and directed countless radio and television programs and worked with everyone from Juliette to Ronnie Hawkins. Several of Doug's radio shows still run in syndication, including Life in the 20th Century and Now You Know, the series that inspired his bestselling books.

Life in the 20th Century

Life in the 20th Century is a collection of radio vignettes looking back on the most rapidly moving century in history. With cutting accuracy and an eye for distilling a moment. Doug Lennox gives voice and context to the momentous events that shaped our nation and our world.

Now You Know

The landmark radio show that inspired the bestselling books, Now You Know can be heard daily in syndication on the Sound Source radio networks. In Now You Know, Doug Lennox answers the questions that are on everyone's minds: Why do we say "Tie the Knot" and where did that funny looking peace sign come from.


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