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Writing Credits
  • Women Are Watching, Telefilm/Demilo Films
  • Canada Day Special, Capricorn Productions/CBC Network
  • Three Days in July (Network Special), Winnipeg Folk Festival
  • Touch the Earth (Network Special), Sylvia Tyson/CBC Toronto
  • The Road Show (Network Series), Rick Neufeld, Colleen Peterson/CBC Winnipeg
  • The John Allen Cameron Show, Writing Consultant/CBC Halifax


  • Emergency Room (Series), Venture Entertainment/Apogee Productions 
  • Touch the Earth (Series - 6 years), CBC (AM & FM Networks) A Pan-Canadian Expression of Roots through Music, Legends and the Spoken Word
  • I'll Be Home (Anne Murray Special), Musical Documentary - Maritime Tour
  • North of 60 (Anne Murray Special), Musical Documentary - Arctic Tour
  • Who Do You Love (Special), Ronnie Hawkins/Musical Biography
  • Piano Man (Special), History of Piano Styles Reflecting Social Changes in the 20th Century Featuring - Oscar Peterson, Anton Kuerti, John Arpin and Doug Riley (Actra Award Winner)
  • Al Jolson - The Broadway Years (Special), Musical Docudrama on the Early Life of Al Jolson Featuring - Cal Dodd and William Demerest (Actra Award Winner)
  • A Requiem for King Oliver (Special), Musical Biography
  • A Dream Called Canada (Special), Canada Day Special The Stephen Leacock Festival (Special) Humour Festival (Orillia)
  • Black & Blue, Concert and Documentary on the Lives and Times of Legendary Blues Artists Mister Alto Man Musical Biography of Moe Koffman
  • One More Time (Series - 2 years), Retrospective of Entertainment in the '40s The Music Box (Series - 2 years) Original Music and Poetry Blended with Anecdotal Conversations from Everyday Life

  • The Bear Walk, Original Story of Farro in the Yukon
  • The Alpha Sentries, Original Story - Political Thriller
  • St. Anne of the Pines, Original Canadian Story - The Origins of Santa Claus and all things Northern 

  • Journey to the 21st Century (Series - 12th Year)   Private National Network - Daily 90 Second Time Capsules Historic Moments as They Were Recorded During the 20th Century Award Winner: 1993, 1996 & 2000, New York International Media Festival
  • The Vanishing Century (1 season) Weekly - 1 Hour Celebration of Life in the 20th Century - Award Winner: 1999, 2001, New York Festival
  • Now You Know - Daily 30 seconds Concise explanations of the origins of everyday language, customs, habits, rituals and routines  
  • Now You Know...The Book of Answers, Dundurn Press - 2003 & 2004 - A "runaway bestseller" - Published from radio scripts.
  • Now You Know - More...The Book of Answers Volume 2, Dundurn Press - 2004 & 2005, Bestseller list - 2004 & 2005
  • Now You Know - Almost Everything...The Book of Answers Volume 3, Dundurn Press - 2005