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Doug Lennox has been called a national treasure. He's a legend within the entertainment industry yet to the general public he's best known as "that guy".

"That guy" from his starring or featured roles in over 60 films and television programs; (X-Men, Police Academy, The Herd, Nero Wolf etc.), "that guy" I hear on radio every day, (his syndicated radio programs; "Now You Know" and "Life in the 20th Century" reach a daily audience of over a million Canadians) or "that guy" from both his on-camera and voice-over commercials. (Labatt's ... "Hello men ...")

What you don't see or hear are his behind the scenes work as a producer, consultant or writer in both radio and television.

Now with his best selling series of, "Now You Know", The Book of Answers Volumes 1 to 4 with Volume 5 (The BIG Book of Answers) arriving on store shelves this Fall, Doug has become "that radio guy" who writes those books explaining the fascinating origins of everyday customs and language. Doug Lennox's chameleon-like existence is by design. The art of maintaining a career in front of the Canadian public for 40 years has required several re-inventions.

"Stars come and go, but no one can tire of you if they're not sure who you are.... I work for the respect of my peers and trust the audience will approve ... so far, so good."    Get the "full story"