Doug Lennox - The Full Story

Doug was born an Aquarian in the hard-rock environment of Sudbury, Ontario and spent his childhood summers on his grandparents farm near Magnetawan, Ontario. He dropped out of school at age 16 after his father's cruel and untimely death.

His first job as a teenager was with a Department of Highways labour gang, manually digging guard-rail post holes along the Trans-Canada Highway. This was followed by a another hard labour stint at the Inco Smelter in Copper Cliff.



This harsh environment inspired him to join the Canadian Army in an attempt to redirect his apparently dark destiny. (The best decision of his life).

As a member of the Provost Corps (Military Police), he was assigned to the Gaza Strip where "Lennox of Arabia" turned 21 during a year of duty with the United Nations Emergency Force after the Suez crisis.

Doug is very proud of his two peace-keeping service medals.

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After the army, there was the predictable stint as a bartender and some time spent as a licensed Private Investigator, a salesman of everything from tobacco products and health insurance to men's clothing in Yorkdale and business machines on Bay Street.

After correspondence and night courses, Doug graduated to office management, but nothing seemed to fulfill the promise of his childhood talents.





During his early 20's, while walking through the old Sears Warehouse building, Doug was approached by four strangers who asked him if he would like to be a model (?) Although stunned by the proposition, he realized that this could be a chance to change his desperate life. Within days he was standing next to a Mercedes dressed in a tux and having his picture taken.

Today, although the legendary Dora Mavor Moore once discouraged him from becoming an actor, Doug Lennox is one of the few people anywhere who can walk into any movie rental outlet in the world and find a copy of a film he's featured in...He can listen to the radio any day in any major market in Canada and hear himself narrating a syndicated show that he's written and produced...He can walk into any major bookstore in the country and find books he's written on the bestseller list...and while watching television that night, chances are good that he will hear himself delivering a voice-over commercial or discover himself acting within a program or film.








In 1965, for $50 a week, he began learning radio on-air at CKAR in Huntsville, Ontario. This led to CKBB and CKVR in Barrie where he advanced his on-air and production knowledge of both radio and television.




Next came CHFI in Toronto, followed by the decade of the 70's which he spent in the creative crucible of CBC Radio & Television, developing the skills to host and create a number of highly innovative and successful productions, including "Touch the Earth" with Sylvia Tyson and "I'll be Home: A Maritime Tour" with Anne Murray. All during this time, Doug Lennox continued a successful second career both on-camera and as a voice-over actor in the commercial world of advertising. He was featured in countless campaigns, including the now-legendary "Colt Cigars" TV commercial (Have a colt...the little cigar...)


In the early 80's, it seemed time to become an actor (see resume) and during the 90's, he launched what arguably has become the most successful syndicated radio career in Canadian history (see resume).


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With a new decade beginning in 2000, it was time to become an author. To his own surprise, his "Now You Know" series, based on his long-running syndicated radio show of the same name, has become a run-away bestseller in Canada, making him one of those extremely rare persons to have had two books on the bestseller list at the same time.

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Today Doug Lennox continues to manage three careers simultaneously. He is an actor, broadcaster and writer while consulting on and developing new projects all the time. He is also the current voice of Sound Source Network.

As Doug likes to say..."Everything you imagine can happen to you...but nothing will ever happen the way you imagined!"